Have Action Vacations Gone Too Far?

Have Action Vacations Gone Too Far?

Not that long ago, the typical annual holiday was regarded as being the chance to spend time with the family and chill out.Having a few relaxed evening meals together, doing a bit of walking around the local sights, splashing around in the pool and building sandcastles on the beach was about the extent of it.Today that’s something of a nostalgic memory because around the 1980s some masochist invented the idea of the ‘activity holiday’. Almost overnight it became de rigueur to put your body and that of anyone else on holiday with you, through a rigorous and demanding regime of one sort of extreme activity or another.Now of course if you are relatively young and super fit, testing your body to the limits can be healthy and mentally stimulating. It’s also perfectly possible for it to be a good or even excellent way to unwind.

Unfortunately though, public culture picked up on activity holidays and rapidly turned them into something that became almost a social obligation. Suddenly, your non-participation in a physically punishing holiday schedule wasn’t any longer a sign that you had simply chosen to do something different but that you were lazy bordering bone idle.The difficulty there is that while it’s true that as people drift into middle age the importance of staying fit becomes more critical, many don’t particularly enjoy spending their precious holiday time swinging on vines from one tree to another in the rainforest or doing sub-orbital parachute jumps. They prefer to take their exercise in their normal daily lives and not on holiday.What the extreme activity holiday zealots occasionally overlook also is that many people of all ages actually have a very physically demanding normal lifestyle and are looking for the chance to get away from that for their precious annual holiday.The tendency to regard those who want their holiday to be less than physically punishing as social pariahs sometimes gets conflated with the idea of healthy lifestyles. The fallacious argument being that you’re not playing your part in keeping healthy.This is, of course, patently absurd. You cannot spend 50 weeks of your life leading a relatively sedentary daily existence then put all the health issues associated with that right by running yourself into the ground during your fortnight’s holiday.There are many luxurious domestic holidays available in locations that are perfectly capable of delivering nothing but relaxation. Some hotel and apartment providers intuitively recognise that many people are just looking for the chance to flop by the pool and read a book. After all, what’s wrong with that?

Yet even as the 21st century arrived, the cultural fixation on extreme holidays gathered pace. If present trends continue, it’s not impossible to envisage a future in which your annual holiday will be spent in a compulsory boot camp.So, a plea for tolerance here. Sometimes the human body needs rest and relaxation as do one’s mental and emotional batteries. Being persuaded to try to learn the martial arts whilst paragliding might be great for the body but it’s unlikely to be something that helps you recharge your inner spirit of calm contemplation.Let’s get back to recognising the value of a ‘lazy’ do-nothing holiday!

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