Corporate Holiday Gifts Are a Excellent Way

Corporate Holiday Gifts Are a Excellent Way

Corporate holiday gifts are a must for any company that does any kind of business with executives and even with other small companies. Sending holiday gifts lets your customers and other executives know that you appreciate their hard work and that you recognize they will be unavailable fore a short bit over the holidays and respect the idea. It is not necessary to send gifts to all customers at every holiday of course but your biggest customers, on the biggest holidays are a good idea. The winter holidays, as well as any country specific holidays you might celebrate are the ones you will send a gift for as a general rule.Sending corporate holiday gifts also help to indicate to your clients that you appreciate their business and that you look forward to working with them after the holidays and into the future. It’s a great way to give back to the customer who gives so much to you. When sending holiday gifts is it usually a good idea to avoid using holiday specific terms like Christmas, Hanukkah etc. Because it is hard to know what holidays your customers will be celebrating it is usually smart to simply send a card or a gift that says ‘happy holidays’ and your message as well as your gift. Assuming that all of your customers celebrate the same holiday you do can cause some tension at times.

Corporate holiday gifts usually consist of things like wine baskets, or a holiday meal catered by a company local to your customer’s office, as well as the standard branded good like mugs, pens, pads of paper and mouse pads branded with your companies logo and contact information. You might choose to include a holiday message on your company branded merchandise or simply send the all year round version of the merchandise. Holidays are a great time to take a moment to say thank you to your loyal customers and to remind your older customers that you have not seen them in a while.Corporate holiday gifts often contain expensive liquors like ports, high quality wines, brandy, Sheri and other such alcohols. You might also send a Christmas plant in a pot branded with your company information and logo. There is no need to wrap most holiday gifts in anything other than a basket with clear or coloured plastic around it all. Often this is where you will find a wine and cheese basket. If you are close to a particular executive, for example you maybe work with one buyer, or one sales person you might want to send that one person a special gift like a personalized hand made silver pen engraved with their name or your company name or something similar, and a basket for the rest of the office.

Sending a corporate holiday gift specifically to your sales person or to your buyer will help to solidify your relationship with them into the following year. Treating them really well now will undoubtedly pay off over and over in the following year.

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