Top 5 Holiday Advertising Tips To Boost Your Business Now

Top 5 Holiday Advertising Tips To Boost Your Business Now

‘Tis the season for social media marketing… and making money! The holidays are just around the corner and maybe you haven’t started your holiday shopping yet, but you should definitely get started on your business’ holiday marketing NOW.The National Retail Federation is projecting 2013 holiday sales to rise 3.9% to $602.1 billion and the holiday season can represent as much as 20-40% of annual sales. Mind-blowing, huh?But here’s the catch: You have to make sure that you have the right marketing plan in place to make the most of this wonderful season. The good news is that with a few key strategies your social media marketing can be more effective than ever before.I have put together 5 proven tips for your holiday social media marketing experience. Let’s dive right in and discuss how you can shine online and improve your holiday sales.Tip #1: Give your subscribers some VIP treatment. Do you know the one thing all shoppers have in common, no matter how small or big their budget? They love to think they’re getting a great bargain! You can tap into that “YAY-what-a bargain” feeling by offering the contacts on your mailing list a special sort of holiday VIP deal. There is a kind of an endorphin-releasing chemical reaction in a shopper when they read the words “exclusive offer to subscribers”.

You can create any type of VIP deal– from a bonus product, a free E-book, a free podcast or a coupon towards their next purchase. The important thing is that you need to offer your contacts something exclusive that makes them feel special. Even the smallest bonus can go a long way towards making the people on your contact list feeling highly appreciated and rewarded.Tip #2: Add some extra sparkle. Ugh. Happens every year. I see highly motivated entrepreneurs send out an important holiday campaign newsletter or post an important holiday blog article and not change the look of their message even the tiniest bit from what they are spreading throughout the year. Hello, it’s the holiday season, and festive sparkle is the trend now! Okay, this is the “Marketing Fairy” in me speaking about sparkle, but the truth is that most people get caught up in the holiday spirit (or at least in the spirit of spending money during the holidays!), so let them know you care about their feelings. People will only buy from you when they feel that you understand their wants and needs. No matter what kind of business you’re in, don’t be a Grinch. Put a little holiday touch into your emails and social media updates and show some holiday spirit. A tiny image of a cartoon reindeer can make a HUGE difference.Tip #3: Shine consistently. NOW is the time to take your online visibility to the next level by consistently posting updates on your social media outlets. Enhance your online presence to make it easy for potential clients to find you. Announce upcoming specials, offers and savings and don’t forget to add eye-catching images along with your posts.Your social media presence can really set the tone for successful holiday marketing. Keep in mind that consistency is the key in the upcoming weeks. Your audience has a very short attention span, especially during the hectic holiday season. You need to constantly present yourself in front of them or they will forget about your great offers before you can say “happy holidays”.Tip #4: Add some holiday excitement to your sign-up form. The holiday season is the perfect time to grow your subscriber list. Simply create some excitement about being on your email list by changing the text around your sign-up form. Something like “sign up today for Cyber Monday specials” or “super holiday savings you don’t want to miss: sign up now” will drastically increase your target market’s willingness to submit their email address.

Tip #5: Give a little (and talk about it). The holiday spirit is about giving and reaching out to those in need. People want to give back and feel good about it. So partner with a local organization or charity and offer to donate a percentage of your sales to it. Let your audience know about your donation campaign and they will feel good about buying from you. So everybody wins!Before the holiday madness officially begins, take some time today to check your social media marketing to make sure your holiday marketing ideas shine as bright as Rudolph’s nose. Thinking about your holiday marketing strategy and using the above tips and developing a simple plan can make this your most successful business holiday season yet.But also remember to make time for holiday fun and family time, and don’t forget to ask for marketing help when you may need it.Happy holidays!

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