Thailand Package Holidays – How To Make the Best Choice

Thailand Package Holidays – How To Make the Best Choice

Thailand package holidays offer a great, hassle free way of seeing the best Thailand has to offer in a short time. If you’re considering a package holiday it’s probably because you don’t want to have to deal with all the effort that goes along with having to find the best airfare, good accommodation and having to come up with a fun itinerary. After all, you’re planning a holiday because you need a break from work!Thailand is such a great holiday destination but not all Thailand package holidays are equal. When deciding between different Thailand package holidays often your budget and the amount of time you have available for your vacation are seen to be the most important factors. There are some other things that you should consider to make sure that you get the best value for your money and that your holiday in Thailand is unforgettable. With that in mind here some valuable tips and advice to keep in mind when booking Thailand package holidays.When to goUnderstand that travel agents selling Thailand package holidays are running a business and are in it to make money. That’s not a bad thing but bear in mind that there is probably a good reason behind the “Super Low Discount” rate being valid for certain dates only. The tourist season in Thailand is dictated by the weather. The weather along the coastal regions of Thailand can be simplistically divided into two – dry season and rainy season. The weather in Thailand is hot and humid all year round but the peak tourist season is during the dry season which runs from mid-October to late February. Booking of Thailand package holidays for this period can be fast and furious so book early. The rainy season is from April to October but can last into November. During these months you can expect almost daily showers, usually in the late afternoon to early evening, lasting a few hours. If you’re looking for cheap Thailand package holidays then these are the months to target. It’s still hot during these months but a lot more humid and the sea isn’t quite as clear for diving as it is during the peak season.

What’s includedThe idea of booking Thailand package holidays is that everything is included but apparently “all inclusive” doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone. Thailand package holidays generally include flights, transfers and accommodation as a minimum. Find out more detail about the flights before booking the package. Know which airline you’ll be flying with, including connecting flights. Find out how many stops you’ll be making, to which airports, and how long you’ll be waiting between connecting flights. There’s nothing like a 9 hour layover in some terrible airport to put a damper on your holiday experience. That being said, if you have a layover for 12 hours or more somewhere it may present you with an opportunity to do a quick city tour. Stopping over at Singapore or Kuala Lumpur airports give you a good opportunity to do this.When it comes to the accommodation there are a number of things to confirm before booking Thailand package holidays. Something you need to confirm is the “Board Basis”. The general board basis options are as follows:

Room only – No meals or drinks included.
Self Catering – No meals or drinks included but provision is made in the room to do your own cooking.
Bed Breakfast (BB) – Only breakfast is provided. All other meals and drinks are for your account.
Half Board – 2 meals provided – generally breakfast and dinner. Drinks are for your account.
Full Board – 3 meals provided – breakfast, lunch and dinner. Drinks are for your account.
All inclusive – all meals and drinks includedTry and find out what menu limitations there are as well as you may have booked an all inclusive package only to find that you can only order from a “special” menu. Also, get a good understanding of what activities and tours are included. Some Thailand package holidays include more than just flights, meals and accommodation.Location, Location, Location

Check out the location of the accommodation as well. Some hotels are right on the busiest beaches, which may, or may not, be exactly what you want. Others may be in very quiet areas, and again, if you’re not looking to be within walking distance of pubs and clubs then that’s fine. Check what activities or attractions are in close proximity to your hotel before you decide which package to book. Also, it’s always a good idea to check reviews of the accommodation being offered with Thailand package holidays. A great way to do this is to see what other guests had to say on websites like web: tripadvisor .com. Often these reviews will tell you whether the accommodation was well located and in good shape.These are just a few key things to keep in mind when trying to decide between different Thailand package holidays. Of course your budget is important but don’t just look at the price when trying to decide. Ask your travel agent about the aspects covered above and make them earn their commission. Do some research by checking out a number of different Thailand package holidays offered online by different service providers to get a feel for what you think is fair value. You’ve earned this holiday so make the most of it.Bon Voyage!

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