Should You Search For Your Holiday Girls? Or Should You’re Holiday Free?

Should You Search For Your Holiday Girls? Or Should You’re Holiday Free?

Sitting at the Thanksgiving table, I could not help but notice that I was the only one flying solo. My mother, my father, my brother and one of his holiday girls, and oh yeah, me. You would think I would be feeling the pressure. I mean, even my perpetual player brother had a date for dinner.While others might have been intimidated, I was nothing of the sort. I was enjoying a holiday visiting with my family and eating some good food. Why would I need to have a date to enjoy that? I know at the end of the night, if I wanted to, I could go find any number of lonely souls at bar or club.The holiday season freaks a lot of single people out. There seems to be even more pressure placed upon being with somebody when the old turkey and fat man comes around. Emotions already run high, and then you are pressured with having somebody to share the holidays with.

So my brother and I have a little after dinner personal chat in the basement, where our family bar is. He starts out the conversation with a so…no date this holiday? I am unsure if he is just baiting me or if he is sincerely concerned about my present singleness.I have not brought dates to any previous holiday events with our family. This year should not be any different should it? We start to discuss the pros and cons of holiday girls, holiday boys, and just holiday friends. It is a shame that some people feel the pressure enough to have to go out and get a holiday girl or a holiday boy, only to dump them shortly after the big ball drops for the new year.Personally, I do not buy into it. Instead, I like to keep my options open! There is no need to fall into a cocoon and sit alone in the dark at home because you do not have someone to share the holidays with. Why? Let us look at this with a positive spin instead of the sinister dark spin most (usually in an undefined relationship) put on it for the holidays.Okay, I admit that holiday shopping is more fun when not doing it alone. So grab a holiday friend! Why do you have to be a couple to go shopping for other people in your life? It can be just as fun to shop with friends. It is the atmosphere and the colors that change. Why should you feel weird being single at holiday time versus, say September? Besides, you can flirt with the cashier and maybe get some holiday bonuses when you are single.Holiday parties? Really? Not sure about some of you, but I have much more fun going to parties being single. I have absolutely no guilt when I am flirting or kissing somebody standing under some mistletoe. If I had a partner I would feel obligated to hanging on his side or at least around him, and certainly it would be uncool for me to flirt with others or kiss under mistletoe when your partner is there too.

There is no need to fall into the poor you because you are single for the holidays trap. Please! Pity the fools that are not fancy free and having to go to their partner’s family events that one usually never feels comfortable at anyways!This whole feeling guilty for not having holiday girls or holiday boys is pure bunk! I can get a yule log in my fireplace any time I want. Besides, the real issue is that Valentine’s Day is coming!

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